pheromonexxcult: we dont have dunkin donuts either

I’m callin the cops on ur country

pheromonexxcult: my town is one of the biggest in sweden and we have everything you wanna eat but nobody delivers??????

imagine if dunkin’ donuts delivered

pheromonexxcult: but guys in my city and any city around it we dont have pizza delivery a moment of silence plz

in my small town there are about four different pizza places that all deliver (and we have subway, chinese restaurants, and diners)

pheromonexxcult: wtf i didnt knlw sniffing glue was a thing, im so gonna try it omg

10/10 do not recommend pls don’t do this 

Anonymous: guys do u know anything about sniffing glue ????

that it is not good 10/10 would for sure not recommend 


My testimony was recently published on a website called HeartSupport! It’s a website where people, like Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red, blog about overcoming their struggles. I’m so glad to have had this opportunity, so it would mean a lot if you lil nuggets took some time to read it :))

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I live in Minneapolis hi

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walk walk fashion baby
pheromonexxcult: ayyy Jen too

ayyyyy how u doin *new york accent*

pheromonexxcult: ayyyy sam

*waves in background

vahlerina: Hi yes Jen are you still updating that one story about mike and Jaimes sister because if you are can you post the link because I'm too lazy to scroll all the way down Ps I'm on my phone 😏😏😏🍩

yes I am!! I’ve just been lazy with updates lately, but I don’t plan on abandoning it

I will try to update as soon as I can, q t 

Anonymous: HEY GUYS ITS SAM I NEED ADVICE! so my boyfriends ex always try's to still talk to him and I'm not exactly worried about him cheating on me but she blocked me on twitter and I'm so pissed off and she always favorites his tweets even ones about me an he shows me since she blocked me and I kinda want him to block her or at least unfollow

pt 2: am I wrong I mean I don’t even talk to an guys especially an ex

I think maybe you should bring it up with him and suggest that he block her just to avoid the drama or whatever you want to call it. i think that’s a really normal (or at least, typical) situation to be in because some friends of mine have been going through the same things for the whole year and a half they’ve been dating. they just ignore her and she eventually realized that he’s not going to pay any attention to her and she stopped… eventually